Why Is My Wedding Dress So Important?

Why Is My Wedding Dress So Important?

A History of Why a Wedding Dress is so Important

“It’s just a dress.” You or others around you might say that. Maybe you’re over the stress of dress shopping and you’re talking yourself into the dress not being important. So – what exactly is the big deal?

All Eyes on You

Your wedding day will be a part of your legacy. The moment when the doors open and your guests rise to their feet will be burned into your memory. What do you want to be wearing when that time comes? It’s your chance to be the center of attention, and we want you to make the best of it.

The Origins of Wedding Dress Importance

Centuries ago, weddings were thought of as business deals between families. Needless to say, dress shopping wasn’t even an option. Instead of getting a new dress, brides often wore their most elegant dress as part of the arrangement. Soon, the quality of the wedding dress symbolized wealth and social status.

In 1840, the British Queen Victoria chose to wear a stunning white dress in her marriage to Prince Albert. This is considered the first time wearing a white wedding gown became important. During the Great Depression, brides moved away from white because they couldn’t justify spending big at the time. By the mid-1900s, when the economy recovered, the white trend returned and has been a staple ever since. Still today, the wedding dress narrative has been “wear white, and look beautiful.”

Don’t Forget About the Back of the Dress

When you’re wedding dress shopping, you’re probably looking straight into the mirror while wearing the dress and considering how it looks on you. Don’t forget about the part you can’t see – the back of the dress.

Why is it important to consider what the back of your dress looks like? For starters, it’s mostly what your guests will see during the ceremony. Secondly, the back will be visible in many photos.

Whether you want the back to have a low cut (daring and sexy) or the more traditional high cut (modest and classic), it’s important to remember to consider this view of your dress.

Making That Important Decision

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