Which Wedding Season Is Best?

Which Wedding Season Is Best?

Don’t let the time of year influence your dress buying decisions. There are other factors.

Every couple has its reasons why they choose a certain wedding date. Maybe it’s family? Geographic? Maybe something personal or the date is based around an event. There’s no secret, one-size-fits-all formula to decide which wedding season is best. Only you can decide that.

But if you’re debating on the best time of year to tie the knot, keep these thoughts in mind.

Summer Wedding Season

Who doesn’t love summer? Daylight lasts longer and colors are their brightest. You’ll also find top varieties of flowers and food available. Fruits, meats and cheeses are at their peak during the summer and that gives you tons of flexibility in your menu options.

But what about the heat? Summer evening weddings not only allow you to miss the daytime heat, but you can also put some creative spin on a nighttime ceremony. Getting married later in the day makes for some beautiful backdrops and sets up perfectly for dinner and dancing.

Your Summer Dress: At Bridal Fashions, we love summer weddings. Indoors, evening hours and white breathable fabrics will allow you to pick any style dress you desire for the summer.

Fall Wedding Season

There are so many reasons to have a fall wedding. The leaves are changing and falling, providing the scenic look every bride loves. Temperatures are cooling down. The fall months are among the most popular for weddings, with October and September owning the most popular wedding dates today. Keep that in mind before you set a date!

What are some downsides to a fall wedding? For one, attendance can be hard to gauge. School is just back in session, and a big spend between summer vacations and the holidays can be a tough ask. Also, that fall popularity we just mentioned could take away your options as venues start to fill up.

Your Fall Dress: Our Demetrios collection has floor-length and off-color gowns perfect for autumn. For the wedding in general, if you prefer a darker color palette, fall is a great time. Oranges, reds, purples and greens fit great.

Winter Wedding Season

While winter weddings are the least popular, hear us out as to why it makes a great wedding season. When snow has covered the landscape, every color palette will pop. Imagine fireplaces, hot cocoa and endless desserts that sit too heavy with your guests in the warmer months.

Due to that lack of popularity in the winter, you may be able to save some money on the venue since it’s the down season. And that’s never a bad thing!

Your Winter Dress: Similar to the summer, winter doesn’t have to be a huge factor in which dress you select. A variety of collections with A Line or Ball Gown silhouettes would be perfect for a winter wedding.

Spring Wedding Season

Blossoming flowers and soft colors are popping, and the natural beauty of spring makes it a popular wedding season. Soft and lights and neutrals can give you a beautiful spring palette and will make your wedding’s lighting really shine.

Unpredictable weather – and maybe even allergies – can make things a little tricky. But if you work ahead, you can plan your wedding indoors to play it safe.

Your Spring Dress: There’s so much to love about spring! You have so many options – you can pretty much wear any style during the spring. We recommend our Destination Romance or Platinum gown collections as a first place to look.

Dream Gowns For All Seasons

No matter the wedding season, Bridal Fashions has the dress for you. You can browse our latest collections online or make an appointment at one of our 10 Macy’s locations.

Let’s find your dress. Contact us today and make your big day one step closer to reality.