Clearing Up Wedding Day Misconceptions

Clearing Up Wedding Day Misconceptions

It’s your day – sort of. While everyone will stand when you enter the venue if you make some concessions your day will run even more smoothly.

Weddings are a timeless symbol of love, hope, and optimism for the future. And while that applies to the wedded couple, much of the attention for the wedding focuses on the bride. But no great wedding can be a dictatorship– there are many interested parties and they all want a piece of your day.

Be Willing To Share Your Big Day

A great wedding day allows you to take a minute to appreciate those who have supported your relationship and have been there (and always will be) for the ups and downs. The “It’s My Day!” mentality will only make you stress over the little things and isolate you from your loved ones. Also, if your parents or in-laws have contributed to your big day in any way, it’s best to at least be open to their thoughts.

Wedding Traditions

Thankfully, it seems as though the Chicken Dance has run its course. If you’re not one for the garter toss, don’t sweat it. Upholding antiquated wedding traditions don’t need to be a part of your day. If you want “something blue, new, old and borrowed” you can do that. But don’t feel the pressure to be traditional. Your wedding should reflect you and your new spouse and be a celebration for you, not a checklist of items from weddings of yesterday.

You Don’t Need To Spend Big To Make It Memorable

The financial side of a wedding can be stressful, and there’s no sense in starting your marriage in debt to hire the best string quartet in your area. It starts with an honest conversation about priorities, wants, and the resources that are possible. You may have to budge on a few smaller items, but in the end, it’s about you and your loved ones.

A Wedding Dress Your Way

One thing you won’t have to budge on is your dress. At Bridal Fashions, it’s all about you finding the right gown for you. You can browse our latest collections online or make an appointment at one of our 10 Macy’s locations.

Let’s find the gown of your dreams. Contact us today and take one of the most important items off your wedding day checklist.