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Why Is My Wedding Dress So Important?

A History of Why a Wedding Dress is so Important “It’s just a dress.” You or others around you might say that. Maybe you’re over the stress of dress shopping and you’re talking yourself into the dress not being important. So – what exactly is the big deal? All Eyes on You Your wedding day […]
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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

10 Tips to Help You Find The Perfect Wedding Dress Finding the perfect dress can be stressful. It’s likely to be the most expensive garment you’ve ever worn and it can set the tone for how you view your wedding as a whole. And with all of the options and styles out there, choosing the […]
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Which Wedding Season Is Best?

Don’t let the time of year influence your dress buying decisions. There are other factors. Every couple has its reasons why they choose a certain wedding date. Maybe it’s family? Geographic? Maybe something personal or the date is based around an event. There’s no secret, one-size-fits-all formula to decide which wedding season is best. Only […]