Avoid These Wedding Gown Shopping Mistakes

Avoid These Wedding Gown Shopping Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes and You’ll Cherish Your Wedding Dress Forever

Your wedding gown is the most important dress you’ll ever wear. A lot of brides-to-be feel pressure to get it right. It’s a “There can be no mistakes” mentality.

Every bride wants her big day to be perfect, and we’re here to help. When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, if you can sidestep these blunders, you’ll be a little closer to achieving wedding perfection.

Shopping At The Right Time

You don’t want to shop too early, and you don’t want to be nervous if you’re up against the clock. A lot of brides with longer engagements tend to start shopping too early and fall in love with a dress before any of the other wedding details are set. Venue, colors, and décor all matter. Immediately after you get your ring, work on securing your venue – and then start looking for your dress. In short, timing is critical. Don’t procrastinate. Dress shopping takes time, and the process should begin early. It’s best to have your dress ordered a minimum of 8 months out.

Be Sure To Budget For Extras

In your mind, you see a dress listed at a certain price and that’s the number that sticks with you. But in the long run, your cost will shift after alterations, delivery and sales tax. Also, don’t forget to account for the price of undergarments, jewelry, and accessories.

Remember That Services are Often Worth it

From measuring to alterations, the services to make your dress fit and look amazing are sure to pay dividends on your special day. Flaws in measurement or amateurish seamstress services could potentially ruin your fit and dress, so be sure to find professionals to undertake the work. Alterations take time, so the more time advance of the wedding day you have your dress, the more time you have to make it perfect for you.

Take Discounts With A Grain of Salt

Be aware, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Steep discounts can look enticing online or on the tag, but be careful, there very well may be a good reason why that dress is 60% off. Online, it’s far easier to pass off counterfeits as a designer, and when you receive your dress it may not be the same product that you believed you were buying. If you’re looking for discounts to trust, find good deals from authorized dealers and wait for an event or sample sale to see the dress in person.

Don’t Overthink It

Maybe it’s fun to try on 17 dresses, or maybe you’re stressing over finding the perfect dress. But you run a risk of trying on too many. After a while, you may forget what you were looking for in the first place. Don’t overwhelm yourself!

You’ll be far from overwhelmed shopping the elegant Demetrios and Cosmobella collections at Macy’s Bridal Salons. You’ll find a dress you love within budget, with the ability to customize it down to the final detail.

We want you to cherish your wedding gown forever. Find us today and let us make sure you look your most stunning on the big day!