8 Tips For Your Wedding Gown Checklist

8 Tips For Your Wedding Gown Checklist

Check Off These Boxes on the Way to the Wedding Gown of your Dreams

When you’re ready to start shopping for a wedding gown, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. You already have enough on your plate – shopping for that perfect dress should be fun! Keep your shopping organized and focused with this checklist:

1. Start With A Budget

Like anything that goes with your big day, you need to know your budget. Are you cutting corners elsewhere to go all in on a dress? What about a low-budget dress that catches a unique vibe? Keep a range in mind, and communicate with your consultant to find the perfect dress to meet your needs and your budget. You’ll have a better shopping experience if you have a number in mind up front, but be flexible if you can.

2. Try To Stay Flexible

While it’s important to stay close to your initial budget and not buy a dress you can’t afford, there can be additional costs to keep in mind that might take you slightly over your initial projected figure. Measurements, alterations, and delivery all carry costs, and they’re important to do right.

3. Leave Time For Alterations

You need to make sure everything fits just right, and that can take time. Alterations should be arranged as soon as possible, and if you don’t hire a professional you might regret it. It’s recommended to buy your dress at least 8 months before your wedding day in order to accommodate work and delivery. Don’t delay!

4. Stay True To Your Taste

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you. Don’t compromise on what looks and feels right to you due to pressure from yourself or others to conform to a specific look. If you keep a look that’s unapologetically you, you’ll feel all the more beautiful and confident on your day.

5. Undergarments

Does your gown have a built-in corset? If not, ask someone about what underpinning you’ll need. Try everything on and make sure everything fits on the day of your final fitting,

6. Accessories

How will your jewelry and shoes look with your dress? What about wearing a headpiece? Be sure to put the final touches on with the perfect accessories before you shop for the dress, and don’t forget to bring your shoes with you to get the complete look while trying gowns.

7. Do You Believe In Tradition?

If you’re into wedding traditions, don’t forget to track down something old, new, borrowed and blue. Some things never go out of style!

8. Be Ready For An Emergency

Pack – or have someone else pack for you – an emergency kit. Make sure your kit has sewing materials, buttons, a lint brush, tape, stain remover and comfortable shoes. Better safe than sorry!

If you check off these items ahead of your big day, you’ll be able to walk down the aisle with no worries. And don’t worry about where to shop – Macy’s Bridal Salons has picture perfect dresses and accessories to fit any budget. Customize your dress down to the final detail and choose from elegant Demetrios and Cosmobella collections.

You’ll cherish your wedding gown forever. Find us today and let us make sure you look your most stunning on the big day!